Finance Department

Director Responsibilities
The Finance Director is responsible for the financial operations of Williamstown, including oversight of the Board of Assessors, Tax Collector, Town Accountant, and Treasurer.

Department Responsibilities
The Finance Department plans, organizes, and directs all financial activities of the town in conformance with Massachusetts General Laws and the town's by-laws. The Finance Department coordinates and manages the town's budget process, and assists and advises department managers on financial and operational matters. The Finance Department also maintains all municipal contracts and agreements and oversees IT operations for the town.

The Finance Department is committed to providing polite, courteous, and prompt service to the public and to conducting its duties in strict accordance with all federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations. All employees of the Finance Department are expected to perform their responsibilities with the highest level of integrity, the utmost professionalism, and with a spirit of cooperation and transparency.