Sex Offenders

Anyone looking to obtain information regarding registered Level III sex offenders may do so by clicking the link below:
Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board.

The same information can be obtained by emailing our Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board department liaison, Officer Tania Hernandez.

Notice to Licensed Establishments

The Williamstown Police Department will conduct alcohol compliance checks of liquor licensed Williamstown establishments throughout the year.

Please take every opportunity to ensure your servers and managers are diligently upholding the law in an effort to prevent underage individuals from procuring and consuming alcoholic beverages. TIPS training and certification is recommended for all employees.


Individual servers who fail to comply with the proper check of identification of customers face potential criminal charges. Consequences the establishments face may include fines and/or sanctions as recommended by the Williamstown Board of Selectman and the Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission (ABCC).