Building Department

As of February 15, 2017 the Building Department will have a new fee schedule. You can view the new fee schedule here.


The Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation (OCABR) discourages you from obtain a building permit, if you are hiring a contractor or contractors to preform work on your property. All contractors performing work on owner occupied 1- 4 family house are required to have a Home Improvement Registration (HIC). For more information on the HIC program please vist OCABR's web site, link below or you may contact Michael Morales at the Office of Consumer Affairs: 617-973-8706.

Thank  you.

The Williamstown Community Development Department has joined the Berkshire County online permitting system for the submittal of applications for residential and commercial building permits, sheet metal permits, mechanical permits, plumbing and gas permits, electrical permits, annual inspection certificates for public buildings, and sign permits
Please note that paper permit applications will no longer be accepted as of January 1, 2016. If you do not own a computer or if you need assistance using a computer, both are available. A computer station terminal will be located on the Third Floor of the Municipal Building at 31 North Street in the Community Development Office. Administrative Assistant, Sarah Hurlbut, will be available to assist you with any issues.

The Community Development Office is open Monday–Friday 8:30am-4:30pm. Additional public use computers are available just across Field Park in the Milne Public Library.

Why Register an Account?
Applicants who create an account (which takes under 5 minutes) have the following benefits while using the system:
- Your personal information (CSL Number, Address, Contact Information) will auto fill on your application directly from your account.
- You have the ability to track review progress including approvals from other departments such as Planning, Conservation, or Public Works.
- Applications can be edited prior to issuance if the inspectors are in need of additional information.
- Attachments can be added to the application.
- Inspection results can be viewed.
- You will have the ability to communicate with the inspectors directly through the system for ease of clarifying information and asking project related questions.
- Contractors that register with the system can use the system to manage all projects across communities in the Berkshires that have adopted the system.
- You will be able to track all permitting history including which permits remain open requiring final inspections or completed.

How to Register?
1) Pop up blockers: Pop up blockers in windows must be shutoff. Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox are the preferable internet browser’s to use with this permit software.
2) Point your browser to Note: If you are already registered with the Full Circle Technologies, Inc. Berkshire Online Permit System for another city or town in Berkshire County, you do not have to create a new user id. You may log on using your existing id.
3) Apply for a permit as a Registered User or a New User

I’m registered, how do I apply for a permit?
1) Click on New Application located at the upper left hand side of the home page form.
2) Choose your street from the drop down menu.
3) Choose your street number from the pull down menu.
4) Select the appropriate permit application from the dropdown menu. Residential permit applications are for one and two family dwellings, town houses and accessory uses (swimming pool, utility shed, gazebo, fence etc.). Commercial permit applications are for all other residential work, (multi-family dwelling, lodging facilities, hotels, motels etc.) and for all commercial work.
5) The Use Group for 1 & 2 Family Dwellings is currently; R 3 and almost always, the Construction Type is: V B.
6) For certain types of permit applications you will be prompted to submit an attachment. After you submit your application, a page appears notifying you that your New Preliminary Application has been received. Click on the exit button at the bottom of the page, and it will return to the home page. Select your permit by clicking in circle in the column heading “A” … on the far left side of the home page. On the far right of the page under the heading, “My Options”, click on the dropdown menu. Click on “add attachments” and follow the prompts to add site plans, drawings and documents etc. If for some reason you cannot complete the attachment you will be able to submit paper copies of plans, specifications, and other necessary information. Please contact Sarah Hurlbut (458-9344) or to coordinate such a submittal.
7) Payments: Town Staff will calculate the fee on your project for you. You will be notified through the system shortly after your permit is applied for of the fee. The fee may be paid through the system with a credit card or e check via. Also we will still accept check or cash either by mail or walk in at 31 North Street, Williamstown, MA 01267. If paying in this manner please note the address and assigned permit application number on your check. Please note that your permit will not be issued and approved until the correct fee is received.

How do I set up inspections?
All inspections can be requested by calling the Community Development Office at 458-9344. Inspections will not be scheduled through voice mail or email.

Thank you for your cooperation! We hope that this new system improves everyone’s experience when obtaining a building permit in Williamstown by enabling ease of application and ease of communication.

The Massachusetts amendments are available online at the Board of Building Regulations and Standards website and also from the State Bookstore website.