1. Town Manager

    The town manager is the chief administrative officer and the chief fiscal officer of the town.

  2. Board of Selectmen

    Access information about the Board of Selectmen including agendas and minutes.

  3. Community Development

    Browse information about the Community Development Department.

  4. Council on Aging

    Check out information about the Town of Williamstown's Council on Aging.

  5. Emergency Management

    Access emergency management tips and resources.

  6. Fence Viewer

    The origin of the position of Fence Viewer in the towns of Massachusetts dates from 1647 when the Massachusetts Bay colonial government recognized that corn crops had to be protected from cattle by good fences.

  7. Finance Department

    The Finance Department plans, organizes, and directs all financial activities of the town in conformance with Massachusetts General Laws and the town’s bylaws.

  8. Library

    Check out information about the local Library.

  9. Police

    Get to know the Williamstown Police Department and find out what their responsibilities are.

  10. Public Works

    Find out who is the Public Works Director and what their duties are.

  11. Town Clerk

    The Town Clerk is in charge of Town By-Laws, warrants, election information and more.

  12. Veteran Services

    Get to know the office and employees who run the Veteran Services department.

  13. Fire District

    The Williamstown Fire District is an independent government entity created by Chapters 69 and 598 of the Acts of 1912 by the state legislature.