Agricultural Commission

  • 1st Thursday of every month
  • Meeting times vary. Please check the Town Calendar
  • Municipal Building
    31 North Street
    Williamstown, MA 01267
Additional Information
The Commission maintains its own website with extensive information about Williamstown Farms and the activities of the Commission. You can visit the Commission's website at

  • Kim Wells, Co Chair
  • Sarah Gardner, Co Chair
  • Andrew Bernardy, III 
  • William Galusha 
  • Bridget Spann
  • Christopher Sabot, alternate 
  • Richard Haley, Jr., Alternate
The Commission shall consist of 5 members appointed by the Board of Selectmen, of which the majority of the membership shall be substantially engaged in the pursuit of agriculture. There may be up to 3 alternates appointed to the Commission by the Selectmen and will fill any vacancies at a meeting of the Commission. In making its appointments, the Board of Selectmen is asked specifically to consider the intent of the Commission to represent the agricultural interests of the town.

The terms will be as follows:
  • 2 members for a term of 3 years
  • 2 members for a term of 2 years and 3 thereafter
  • 1 member for a term of 1 year and 3 years thereafter
The Board of Selectmen shall fill a vacancy based on the unexpired term of the vacancy in order to maintain the cycle of appointments, considering the recommendations of the Commission.

Members may be contacted by email.

The purpose of the Agricultural Commission will be to support commercial agriculture and other farming activities in the Town of Williamstown. The Commission's duties shall include but will not be limited to the following:
  • Serve as facilitators for encouraging the pursuit of agriculture in Williamstown
  • Promote agricultural-based economic opportunities in Town
  • Act as mediators, advocates, educators, and negotiators on farming issues
  • Work for the preservation of agricultural lands
  • Advise the town meeting, Board of Selectmen, Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, Conservation Commission, Board of Health, Historical Commission, Board of Assessors, or any other appropriate town boards on issues involving agriculture
  • And shall pursue all initiatives appropriate to creating a sustainable agricultural community.
Written Notification for Purchases
In order to allow prospective purchasers to make informed decisions prior to a real estate transaction and to promote harmony between farmers and their new neighbors after a transaction, the Town of Williamstown requests selling landholders and/or their agents (and assigns) provide written notice to prospective purchasers substantially as follows:

"It is the policy of the Town of Williamstown to conserve, protect and encourage the maintenance and improvement of agricultural land for the production of food, and other agricultural products, and for the keeping of horses as a commercial enterprise and keeping of other animals for food and other agricultural purposes, including bees and fur bearing animals, and also for its natural and ecological value. This disclosure notification is to inform buyers that the property they are about to acquire lies within a town where farming activities occur. Such farming activities may include, but are not limited to, activities that cause noise, dust and odors. Purchasing, and henceforth occupying land within Williamstown means that 1 should expect and accept such conditions as a norm and necessary aspect of living in Williamstown."

Written notification may occur in one of several ways including but not limited to a disclosure form, addendum to a Purchase and Sale Agreement, and should include an acknowledgement by the buyer that they have received notification.